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Our platform lets artists create websites around their work, displaying that work and laying out the website however they see fit. When displaying their work on the website, they aren’t forced to use any templates, or lay out the sales flow in any specific way. Instead, they can simply place a “buy now” button wherever they would like, and link their unique URL for that NFT. This gives flexibility in how they create their website, and infinite creativity in how they lay it out.

The focus of JOYST for artists is to enable brand growth and create opportunities for differentiation. They can use their website exclusively as their sales channel, or use it in tandem with other platforms.

For example, exclusive one-of-one sales could be done through a curated marketplace like SuperRare, and their website could be set up separately for one-of-ten drops or “print” sales. Vice versa, they can build momentum with one-of-ten drops on standard marketplaces like OpenSea or Rarible, and then drive collectors to their website for the exclusive drops.

On top of drop strategies, the multi-token functionality allows them to take advantage of hype surrounding tokens, or boost their own social token.

For creators with social tokens, they can make their website the driving use case for that token. By building a reputation on other platforms and then doing one-of-one drops on their own website exclusively in their social token, they drive demand for that token, increasing the price.

Another strategy using our multi-token functionality could involve using the momentum and community behind a popular token. By listing NFTs for sale on their website exclusively for a popular token, they could drive that community to their site, sell their art there, and use that attention to grow their following, or redirect people to other NFTs they have listed on other platforms.

Collectibles and Gaming

For creating more technology reliant and community based projects, JOYST can be used in tandem with other technology to serve as the secure contract infrastructure for the project.

For example, imagine an application which gives people access to certain chat rooms or forums based on their ownership of an NFT. This could be chained together, so they first purchase an NFT on the public page to access the private page where they can buy the next one to access a more exclusive group, etc.

In this kind of situation, or with a similar gaming use case, it doesn’t make much sense for the development team to build out the blockchain facing exchange infrastructure. When the stakes are so high, it is better to use audited and time tested contracts, and build the UI and wallet side of the application.

Real Estate and Insurance

Real estate and insurance are emerging use cases for NFTs. To imagine JOYST’s place in NFT real estate and insurance, it is helpful to reflect on how real estate and insurance brokers operate.

Generally, agents and brokers are either selling their own assets, or the assets of someone else. Regardless, they must have their own website.

In the case of real estate, in the physical world there are certainly aggregator websites for sales, but these sites are used as a supplement for the website listings of brokers.

Once brokers and agents enter the NFT space, they will need the ability to create their own custom website and sell their properties through that website without their desired layout being restricted.

Using JOYST, brokers and agents can create their website in a traditional way, or even use their existing websites, and get up and running quickly. Very few if any brokers or agents will need to create their own smart contracts, and it will be extremely helpful to rely on existing proven infrastructure.

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The decentralized NFT storefront protocol. We allow creators to sell NFTs directly through their website.